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It’s our pleasure to introduce “SEVEN GROUP SECURITY SERVICES” as Delhi & NCR’S Fastest growing Security & Facility Management  Company.

About Us

Our day to day security functioning are being monitored  by  educated expertise  officer. Our field officers are regularly visiting the various client  sites  and in  case  of  emergency, the  client  problem  are attended within short notice On war footing basic. Beside, we have  a specific and regular training programmer for the guards which include day to day   security   function of   industrial , commercial ,  co-operate   officer ,  hotels ,   co-operative societies etc,  And also the   training on   fire fighting , detection , investigation , and first aid etc. Beside , Regular night checks are   arranged of various  client   sides , to keep   the   guards more vigilant  and  Alert on their duties to safeguards the client’s property more effectively.


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Security Supervisor

Our supervisor works with staff to develop safety plans for the buildings he monitors.

Armed Guard/ Gunman

We have professional armed gunmen, a man armed with a gun and also skilled in handling a gun.

Security Guards

We have skilled security guards who watches out for any strange thing that may mean harm

Personal Security

The legal and uninterrupted enjoyment by a person of his life, his body, his health and his reputation.

Our Aim

The aim of our services is to relive the management completely of all security and allied problems by providing our honest , loyal and well trained staff. Our job Responsibilities:

To care and protect the property at client sites.

  • To ensure that no theft of pilferage gate place.
  • To check all incoming & outgoing material/good at the gate and keep records of the same.
  • To ensure that no tress passing or encroachment take place.
  • To have strong liaisons with police/Govt.authorities and other local bodies.
  • To assist in maintaining co-ordinal relation between the management and labours.
  • To stand as a strong pillar during strike and labour unrest period
  • To arrange parking of the vehicles on the place earmarked.
  • To attend visitors with a proper guidance.
  • Handling the outsider and hawkers and miscreants.
  • Carry out all other task failing under the ambit of the term security.
  • To maintain all security registers and records.
  • To prepare and submit all confidential reports daily to the management. We undertake efforts to provide a complete security and safety to the property and premise entrusted under our custody.
The selected candidates undergo a 7 day training program at our training academy. Training is conducted through practical exercises, demonstrations, lectures and audio visual devices at various levels to insure high levels of performance.
Basic Training
First of all the security personnel are made aware of the basic requirements of the client. They are made familiar with the various areas of the premises of the client. Further they are provided with complete details of various contact numbers of the client, local Police Station, fire brigade, Hospital etc. On which they can contact in case of can emergency. Use of first aid procedures also forms an important part of the basic training.
Specialised Training
The personnel of Seven Group Security Services are trained at specialized levels for First Aid, Fire fighting, use of various kinds of metal detectors, etc. They are also trained on handling EPBX maintaining records at various outlets of the client’s premises.

Our Team

The faces behind our success.

Vinay Tiwari


Shyam Sundar Tiwari


Krishna Tiwari

Area Incharge

Ravikant Mishra

Area Incharge


Brief Of Operations And Operational Staff

Our operational staff is headed by senior retired officers from the Indian Armed Forces who are assisted by experience supervisory staff. Twenty four hour security is providing through experienced security personnel to fulfil the requirements of the client, including the following:


Regularly patrolling of locations of the client, to provide continuous surveillance.


Surprise checking during day
and night.


Controlling access points by means of fixed security posts and patrol.


Administrating and enforcing the existing or established system for identification.


Conducting approved frisking of personnel, belongings and vehicles.


Safeguarding the client’s premises against unauthorized access.


Conducting fire prevention and safety


Responding to emergency

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